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CoreMan Technology

Enables collaboration among management, organization, and customer base.

Provides a configuration to meet the management needs of any company.

Gives management the ability to grant access to any part of the project life cycle to anyone, anywhere and at any time.

Requires no upfront capital expenditures for hardware or software.

CoreMan Technology Services

Since CoreMan’s inception, our core goal and mission has been to help other companies grow profitably. While we all know that managing one project may be easy, growing companies need the ability to scale up to hundreds or thousands of projects, sometimes almost instantly. With our customizable REAL-TIME internet based software, companies can effectively accommodate not only hundreds, but thousands of jobs, making it look easy but most importantly, making it profitable!

CoreMan’s completely customizable system has been developed to accommodate the needs of ANY service-based business. Developed as stand-alone modules, each component is tailored to provide a level of utility and flexibility unheard of in other project management software.

  • Project Management
    The Project Management module is the “Core” of our system. CoreMan tailors our software to your needs, our software encourages collaboration and cooperation among your entire team. Every employee involved, from front line salespeople and customer service reps to project managers share information in one place. You will be able to keep track of the specific details of each project in a centralized location, creating extensive gains in efficiency. Your data is accessible only by the people who need it. This gives you a competitive edge that will enable you to complete projects on time and on budget. Some of the features include:
    • Track scheduling and costing
    • Track all actions on a job
    • File sharing
    • Track invoicing
    • Track contractor payments
  • Customer Relationship Management
    CoreMan’s CRM module gives your team instant access to your database of client information, contacts, location and other details. This module is the key to managing your clients, prospects and sales, and you are always up to date because CoreMan is a REAL-TIME internet based environment. You have the option of customizing the module to work the way you do, giving you access to the right information at the right time; we like to say it’s just in time data. Having the ability to customize further allows you to choose other functions that make your employees more proactive and responsive to your customers! CoreMan knows that keeping current and prospective customers happy virtually guarantees more repeat business.
  • Contractor Management
    CoreMan empowers you to be able to manage multiple projects with multiple contractors whether they are local to you or across the country. You will be able to keep track of all crews, their work in progress, paperwork, insurance information and more, enabling project management in multiple locations. Being able to assign customized log-ins and system access for all of your contractors gives you functional control and gives them access to only the information you want them to see. And all of this data is at your fingertips thanks to CoreMan’s REAL-TIME internet based environment. This not only avoids any confusion, it allows you a level of control unheard of in the days before the advent of on-line project management software.
  • Rollout Management
    For projects that are complex in nature with many locations and the same scope, CoreMan’s Rollout Module is unbeatable. Our software can be customized to meet the needs of your team. The planning, communication and coordination tools needed to complete the Rollout are instantly available because it’s in REAL-TIME. Our daily calendar , scheduling functions, and the on-line exchange of documents and images, gives your team the ability to track the details that save time and money, thereby allowing you to control and complete your projects more profitably.
  • Calendar Management
    CoreMan’s powerful Calendar function will be the core of your scheduling abilities. You will now be able to schedule all your projects and rollouts at the touch of a button and your entire team will “be on the same page.” In addition to scheduling, the whole team is able to search for a specific project many different ways. Whether it’s by customer or salesperson, zip code or project, information instantly appears. With CoreMan’s REAL-TIME internet based environment, error free job flow has never been easier to achieve.
  • Bid Management
    CoreMan’s Bid module provides for the overall management of bids. For example, Simple bids with the same scope, Complex bids with multiple locations and multiple specs, or a Summary bid for a project without specified locations. All information can be easily entered, edited and is readily available to accurately bid a job, prepare and publish a proposal. Because all the specs and bid info is stored in one place, CoreMan makes bidding simple and mistake free. CoreMan alerts you when bids are due so you will never miss a bid deadline ever again! Another benefit of the Bid module is the ability to track closing rates for your sales force.

If you are looking for an application that will cut project management costs, ensure maximum accountability and consistency, is scalable to any size project over any geographical area, we would like to show you how our software can help you take your business further than you ever thought possible!